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The Intertidal Magic of Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Rich tidal pools, a shoreline full of life, and fantastic geological features attract visitors to Botanical Beach, offering one of the best opportunities to view intertidal marine creatures and plants on […]

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Quaint Telegraph Cove, Northern Vancouver Island, BC

Telegraph Cove, Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The old fishing village of Telegraph Cove is tucked away on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, one of the last boardwalk communities on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The economy of the quaint village […]

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BC Books for your Summer West Coast Adventure

BC Books for your Summer West Coast Adventure - Caitlin Press

As you plan and pack for your upcoming adventure on Vancouver Island and the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, allow us to make a few suggestions on what BC books to read if you need a […]

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See what’s going down in BC’s Ancient Forests

Ancient Forest Alliance, Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Giant Redcedar Stump, Klanawa Valley

Almost 80% of Vancouver Island’s productive old-growth forests have been logged, including 90% of the valley bottoms where the largest trees grow and the richest biodiversity resides. Stumps as wide as 16 feet (5 metres) in […]

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Wildcoast Adventures

Wildcoast Adventures Kayak Tours & Vacations, British Columbia

Wildcoast provides memorable kayak vacations for adventure travellers that combine spectacular scenery, scrumptious food, and abundant wildlife encounters, including whales, dolphins, bears and eagles. Kayak with Killer Whales at their Orca base camp in Johnstone Strait, or take […]

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Jurassic Grove of Old-Growth Trees revealed on Vancouver Island

One of several monumental western red cedars located in Jurassic Grove, on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Several monumental Western Red Cedars are located in Jurassic Grove

The Ancient Forest Alliance has located an impressive grove of unprotected, monumental old-growth trees growing only a 90-minute drive west of Victoria, […]

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