Broughton Archipelago Paddlers Inn, Simoom Sound, British Columbia

Broughton Archipelago Paddler’s Inn offers wilderness enthusiasts the comfort of craftsman built accommodations, nestled along the forested shoreline of The Broughton Archipelago, near Echo Bay and North Vancouver Island. Surround yourself with ocean, beaches, trails, an inland lake, and quiet beauty.

Broughton Archipelago is the home of the Killer Whale, First Nations Peoples, and modern day pioneers. Sea Kayak in comfort based from their ocean-side, or float-house accommodations in the kayak paradise of the Broughton Archipelago wilderness. Enjoy sumptuous catered meals, or cook for yourself. Guided kayak tours, lessons and rentals are available, as well as charter boat tours and kayak transport.

The Paddler’s Inn also offers Acupressure massage on-site.

Broughton Archipelago Paddler’s Inn
P.O. Box 410
Sointula, BC
V0N 3E0

Adventure Location:
Simoom Sound
Broughton Archipelago, BC

Phone: 250-230-0088

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