The Tolkien Giant of the Central Walbran Valley

The Tolkien Giant of the Central Walbran Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Conservationists Measure Near Record-Size Cedar in the Endangered Central Walbran Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Conservationists with the Ancient Forest Alliance have located and measured two huge western red cedar trees, one of which makes […]

Why Vancouver Island’s Walbran Valley Rainforest Matters

Why Vancouver Island's Walbran Valley rainforest matters: British Columbia, Canada. Worksite in the Walbran Valley, Torrance Coste, Sierra Club BC

A new Sierra Club map of B.C.’s southern coastal rainforest shows why the Walbran rainforest on Vancouver Island matters, and what we stand to lose for […]

Doing the Boardwalk at Avatar Grove in Port Renfrew BC

Doing the Boardwalk at Avatar Grove in Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

The Ancient Forest Alliance on Vancouver Island is building a boardwalk at the Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew in British Columbia. Significant progress was made in the Lower Avatar […]

Drones used in BC Old-Growth Forest Conservation

Central Walbran Valley Logging Conflict Escalates

A logging permit for the first of eight proposed cutblocks in the Central Walbran Valley was issued in September by the government of British Columbia to logging company Teal-Jones. The Central Walbran Valley, near Port Renfrew, is Canada’s most spectacular old-growth forest, and one of […]

Massive Trees on Vancouver Island

Harris Creek Spruce near Port Renfrew, South Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island is located in the temperate rainforest biome, with the mild climate and high rainfall combining to produce groves of massive old-growth trees. Some of the tallest stretch over 90 meters into the sky, while others measure as much […]

Great Parks for Hiking on Vancouver Island

Hikers at the summit of the Golden Hinde, Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island offers some of the best hiking anywhere in the world. Summers are very pleasant – no humidity, and not too hot – and the only threats to safety come in the […]