The Oar Board® Rower – Loved on Vancouver Island

Oar Board® Rower and inflatable SUP, Whitehall Rowing and Sail

I recently had the opportunity to demonstrate the Oar Board® Rower in Victoria at the Oak Bay Marina. I was totally amazed and excited to see how easily people were taking to […]

Yes, Row-Camping is a Thing!

Row Camping, Whitehall-Rowing and Sail, Tango 17 boat

Having worked for Whitehall for over a year and half now, the time had come (and I finally found the time) for my partner and I to take a boat out for an extended cruise, complete […]

Port Alberni: Sustainability Champion on Vancouver Island?

Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Photo:

In recent years, there has been considerable public concern in Port Alberni over logging in its China Creek drinking watershed, in particular over McLaughlin Ridge’s magnificent old-growth Douglas-firs which shelter wintering deer and is also […]

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