Opening Day with New Residents at Ucluelet Aquarium

Giant Pacific Octopus: Opening Day and New Residents at Ucluelet Aquarium, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

On the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the Ucluelet Aquarium has a uniquely sustainable approach to exhibiting marine animals without harming them in any way. All […]

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Breathtaking West Coast Beaches: Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

Breathtaking West Coast Beaches in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Whilst sandy Long Beach on Vancouver Island’s west coast is the region’s most famous beach, the unique beaches of Ucluelet BC and the southern peninsula are great for hikes, beachcombing and picnics.

Many of Ucluelet’s beaches have access […]

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Tofino Bus expands Bus Service on Vancouver Island

Tofino Bus expands Island Express bus service on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Tofino Bus company has announced the expansion of its bus service to and on Vancouver Island, commencing on October 1, 2015. The new routes are in addition to their existing service from Victoria to Ucluelet […]

Release Day at Ucluelet Aquarium

Ucluelet Aquarium, Ucluelet Harbour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The residents of the quaint village of Ucluelet, on the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, are justifiably proud of their Ucluelet Aquarium, which exhibits the amazing marine life that inhabits the waters of neighbouring Barkley […]