Throughout British Columbia an Approved Accommodation sign is awarded to tourist accommodations that have met Tourism British Columbia’s standards of courtesy, comfort and cleanliness. Qualifying establishments display a white Approved Accommodation sign.

Wherever and whenever you travel, especially during peak season, it is best to book in advance. Each establishment generally requires the equivalent of the daily rate to hold the reservation. When reserving accommodation, it is recommended that you ask for the establishment’s cancellation and refund policy.

Hotels, motels and other lodgings are required to list room rates on a rate card, conspicuously displayed in each room. Campground/RV site rates and policy notices must be posted conspicuously in the registration area. Visitors should contact the establishment directly to verify all quoted rate details.

Accommodation bookings are subject to a total tax of 16.15% – being 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax), 7% PST (Provincial Sales Tax), and 4.15% HRT (Hotel Room Tax).

Complaints about an accommodation facility should first be addressed with the management of the property. If not resolved, the matter can be referred to:

Manager of Accommodations Program
Tourism British Columbia
P.O Box 9830
Stn. Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9W5

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