Airport Tax

Vancouver Airport charges passengers an Airport Improvement Fee.

The fee is CAD$5 for passengers to British Columbia and Yukon destinations, CAD$10 for other North American destinations, and CAD$15 for destinations outside North America.

The Airport Improvement Fee can be paid at the automatic ticket machines or the manned pay booths located near the security check. Cash (Canadian or American), major credit cards and Canadian debit cards are accepted for payment. The fee can also be pre-paid with your airline ticket at some travel agents.

Passengers are not permitted to enter the flight departures areas beyond the security check without an Airport Improvement Fee sticker.

Airport tax does not apply to passengers with connecting flights on the same calendar day.

Disabled Travellers

All Canadian carriers under federal jurisdiction such as airlines, railways and ferries are obliged to ensure that travellers with disabilities do not encounter “undue obstacles” while using their services. Public buildings have special facilities such as ramps, properly equipped washrooms and automatic doors. In recent years, owners of many commercial buildings have put similar facilities in place as well. By law, there are public parking places at all public buildings and shopping malls for the vehicles of persons with impaired mobility. These vehicles are required to display a disability sign in the vehicle window.

Wheelchair accessibility information can be obtained from:

Canadian Paraplegic Association
780 S.W. Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC V6P 5Y7
Tel: 604-324-3611
Fax: 604-326-1227

Hearing and Speech Impairment Services are available for persons with hearing and speech impairments by contacting:

Western Institute for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2125 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V9K 1X9
Tel: 604-736-7391 (voice)
Tel: 604-736-2527 (TTY)

Tourist Alerts

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are frequently requested to communicate urgent messages to people on vacation. Many tourist facilities co-operate with RCMP, so if you see your name listed in newspapers, at Visitor Centres or hear it on a radio or TV, please phone the number provided.