I have had the pleasure of working for CycleTreks over the last few months, and have realized there are quite few common questions we get from our lovely customers. This post was created to address some of these questions and provide some insight from the point of view of a staff member. Here are the questions below…

Should I be worried about being a cyclist on the road in Victoria?

Not at all! Victoria is the cycling capital of Canada, and drivers here are very accommodating and aware of cyclists. Most of the city is marked with bike lanes and signs indicating popular bike route destinations. If there happens to be no bike lane, then stay to the left side of the lane and use your hand signals as much as you can. We are happy to go over hand signals and the rules of the road in B.C. before you head out if you are unfamiliar.

Do I have to wear helmet?

Yes, in B.C. you are required by law to wear a helmet on your bike at all times. All of our rental fees include a helmet, as well as trunk bags for your bike, which include a tire repair kit, 2 maps and a lock. Before jumping on your bike, we find a helmet that is right for you and adjust it accordingly, so not only are you glamorously safe, but comfortable too.

What routes would you suggest?

There are several great routes we suggest to customers depending on what they would like to see and experience. If you’re looking to explore the city and have a gorgeous seaside view, then we suggest a loop that takes you along the ocean and through many historic and picturesque areas of Victoria. If you’re looking to spend some time in nature outside of the city, then we would suggest hopping onto one of our fabulous, city maintained, bike paths. There are two options, either the Galloping Goose or Lochside Trail, both beginning at a five-minute ride from our shop!

Come stop by the shop and we can recommend a route in more detail that is tailored to your needs as a rider.

Do I need to make a reservation?

If you are planning to join one of our guided or self guided tours, then you will need to make a reservation. If you will be renting our bikes, you don’t need to make a reservation however, that way you are guaranteed to have frames that fit perfectly set aside for you. You can book online, on the phone, or in person anywhere from several weeks to a day in advance.

Which of our services do we suggest to customers?

All of the services we offer, from rentals to guided tours, are excellent and provide different experiences that are suited for different customers needs. However, the one service we offer that stands out particularly is our self-guided tours. With this service, you are driven out in our van with your bikes, and dropped off at one of three locations. The three destinations we offer are Butchart Gardens, the end of the Lochside Trail, or Sooke Potholes on the Galloping Goose Trail (referred to as our West coast Adventure.) After spending some time in the gardens, or hoping right onto the trails, you can ride back to our shop downtown at your own pace.

The self-guided tours offer a unique opportunity to see some of the best sights Victoria has to offer, by getting out on a bike, and only having to do a one way trip. You will also receive expert advise from the tour guide driving you about your ride back into town.

cycle-treks-victoria-bc-logo Check out some more information on our website and feel free to book online, on the phone (250-386-3147) or in person (1000 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC).

This post was originally written by one of Cycle Treks summer staff about the common questions they get asked about cycling in Victoria, British Columbia. Thanks to Iliana!