If you could ask ANY question and receive a clear, truthful answer, would you give yourself this opportunity?

Circles Within Circles presents You Are Not Alone: An Afternoon with Jane Kennard on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 2:30pm – 4:30pm at the David Lam Auditorium, University of Victoria.

Jane Kennard is a direct channel for spirit guides. This afternoon gathering is an opportunity to be with the spirit guides and hear their words. Circle attendees will be invited to ask direct questions of the guides. What would you ask?

It is sometimes hard to completely explain how it is that the spirit guides are able to tune into an individual’s situation from afar and offer that person exactly what it is they need to hear to move forward—but that’s what happens. Jane’s team and many event participants are convinced that the source of this communication is divine. The spirit guides offer loving wisdom and insight from a higher perspective that helps us grow and proceed with our individual purposes in our lives, our Promises.

“When I channel, I begin by tuning in to the energies around the people that I am with.”—Jane Kennard

Though Jane and her team have conducted many private sessions for people, they have always known that the wisdom of the guides is not just for each individual, but this sharing is for everyone. We are all searching for answers. These “dialogue with spirit guides” events or gatherings, Jane’s website, the CD recording and the videos are ways of bringing the love and support of the guides to others. We invite everyone to share in this amazing gift.


$60 in advance, available online from www.janekennard.org or call 778-977-2896 to order tickets by phone. Tickets also available at Instinct Art & Gifts, 622 View St, Victoria, BC. Tickets $80 at the door.


Jane’s gift to you!
Every ticket purchased includes a copy of the Circles Within Circles CD: You Are Not Alone, Channeled Wisdom from Spirit Session 1.

About Jane Kennard
Jane Kennard is a spiritual intuitive and clear channel for spirit guides. For over three decades she has developed her abilities in this area. Jane has a unique ability to contact many different spirit guides, from a person’s individual guides to an unlimited number of high guides we refer to as “universal beings.” Some of the most loved teachers that have walked the earth come through Jane to share wisdom and love.

About The Spirit Guides
These beautiful beings of light are willing to share their wisdom and unconditional love with each person who asks.


About Circles Within Circles
For the past ten years Jane and a circle of helpers have been meeting regularly to bring the wisdom of the guides through and help others to connect with spirit.

Shared Wisdom
There is more than seven years of spirit wisdom being shared by Jane Kennard in the pages of her website. Many of the postings in the Shared Wisdom articles are transcribed word for word from the dialogue with the channeled spirit guides. Some of them also include audio so you can hear the guides speaking.

Ask A Question
You can ask a personal question of the spirit guides via Jane Kennard’s website and your answer will be sent to you by email in an audio format. Jane also invites questions on general topics and world news via the Comments section of each Shared Wisdom post.

For more information about Jane Kennard and her event visit: