Telegraph Cove: A Miniseries based in Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Inspired by local stories of missing ships in the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest, also known as “The Graveyard of the Pacific”, the three-part miniseries, “Telegraph Cove” is the story of Anna (Savonna Spracklin), co-owner and operator of a seasonal wildlife tour company whose husband, Dave, mysteriously goes missing during a private, end-of-the-season film charter. When the coast guard call off the search with no leads or logical explanation for their disappearance, Anna takes matters into her own hands to discover the truth.

Telegraph Cove Episode 1

It’s been a long summer season on the M.V. Gikumi, and to Anna’s dismay, her husband Dave takes one final film charter. But when they don’t return home on time, Anna’s frustration turns to worry.

Telegraph Cove Episode 2

With the Coast Guard unable to contact Dave, Anna begins her own search. What she discovers aren’t exactly answers…

Telegraph Cove Episode 3

Questions still unanswered, Anna contemplates leaving Telegraph Cove, until she receives a haunting message and makes one final effort to find the Gikumi.


This is the conclusion to the series. For now….

Written & Directed by Darren Borrowman
Starring Savonna Spracklin, Arpad Balogh & Red Heartbreaker
Produced by Borrowtime Films
Score by Red Heartbreaker

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Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island, BC
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