Vancouver Island – North Island

Born from volcanic rock, the rugged North Island region features a largely uninhabited wilderness of forests, lakes and snow-capped peaks – a unique, natural paradise. Most of Vancouver Island once looked as the North Island still does today, with much of the remaining wilderness now preserved.

Vancouver Island – Central Island

With its warm ocean temperatures, sheltering mountains, tranquil lakes, fabulous fishing and exceptional golf courses, the lush Central Island region is a year-round holiday destination. The Island Highway winds past well-kept farms in this serenely rural part of Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island – Pacific Rim (West Coast)

The Pacific Rim is a region of wild landscapes, never-ending beaches and spectacular weather – be it long summer sunsets or fierce winter storms. Prepare yourself for the quintessential wilderness experience in this moss-laden landscape of mist and surf, thunderous ocean and prevalent peace.

Vancouver Island – South Island

A rare combination of rural charm and elegant sophistication, the South Island region is home to Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city. The region presents a remarkable diversity of landscape and recreational opportunities, with beaches and views the likes of which are found nowhere else on the coast.

Gulf & Discovery Islands

With their ancient forests, rocky shorelines and miles of beaches teeming with marine life, the Northern Gulf Islands are remote, serene places that soothe the soul. Blessed with a balmy climate and an idyllic landscape, the Southern Gulf Islands are each unique in character, but share a gentle, bucolic charm.