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Boyle Point Provincial Park is located on the southern point of Denman Island, off the east coast of Vancouver Island.

A forested trail leads through the park’s second-growth forest to the sea. Although not a lengthy walk, this 1-mile (1.6 km across) excursion will give your legs a good workout, and you will be rewarded at the end of the trail with views of Hornby Island and Baynes Sound, as well as the strategically located lighthouse on Chrome Island just offshore.

The view from here is a coastal classic; watch for eagles soaring along the face of the cliff and California and Steller’s Sea lions who are drawn to the area in winter by the huge shoals of Pacific Herring. The first lighthouse on Chrome Island was built on the east end of the island in 1891, with the present one being built in 1898.

Cliffs precipitously drop off below the lookout at trail’s end, and you may not be tempted to follow a rough route down to the shoreline. One noticeable difference between the waters of the north and south ends of Denman is the presence of sea urchins around Boyle Point, but not at Longbeak Point and the waters around Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park at the north end of Denman.

Owing to the low elevation of most Gulf and Discovery Islands, walking routes are neither lengthy nor challenging. The ferry from Gravelly Bay on Denman to Shingle Bay on Hornby is a short distance north of Boyle Point Provincial Park. Some of the best trails are on Hornby Island and lead around Helliwell Provincial Park. There are several cliff areas in the park, so hikers should take care when walking in these areas.

This 125-hectare undeveloped park is for day-use only; there is a bench at the viewpoint and an open area suitable for picnicking. A pit toilet, information shelter and bike rack are located at the parking lot.

Boyle Point Provincial Park is located on Denman Island, covering the southernmost tip of this Northern Gulf Island.

BC Ferries serves Denman Island from Buckley Bay, north of Nanaimo on Island Highway 19. Boyle Point can be accessed by car; follow Denman Road to the Hornby Island Ferry terminal, turn right and follow East Road to the southern end and into the parking lot for the park.

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