Fossli Provincial Park is situated on the south side of the Stirling Arm of Sproat Lake, west of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. The undeveloped park has a beautiful 2.5-km walking trail that leads through second-growth forest to an old homestead site on Sproat Lake. At the lake, visitors can relax on the level grassy area or pebble beach and enjoy the lovely views of Sproat Lake.

The 130 acres that make up Fossli Provincial Park were donated to the province for parkland by Helen and Armour Ford. Helen Ford had inherited the property from her father, who in turn had purchased it from an early settler, Mr. Faber. Mr. Faber had named the area Fossli after a village in Eidfjord, Norway – fossil or fosseli is a Norwegian word meaning “waterfall in the valley”.

Fossli Park features the numerous waterfalls of St. Andrew Creek, as it meanders through the park before spilling into Sproat Lake. There is a good beach for swimming, and in the fall coho salmon can be seen spawning in St. Andrew’s Creek. A short trail heading west from the beach leads to a small point and a beaver pond that is a good spot for bird watching in the spring. Fishing, swimming, canoeing and kayaking are popular pastimes at the lake. The nearest boat launch is located at Sproat Lake Provincial Park. A picnic table and pit toilet are located at the lake, but there are no camping facilities at the park.

Fossli Park Trail: Take the old logging road leading down hill and bear left at the first junction with another old logging road. A short distance farther is the boundary of the park. The trail to the left leads to a suspension bridge. Cross the suspension bridge and continue down hill on a rather rough but well-marked trail. At the bottom of the hill a short path leads to St. Andrew’s Creek and Fossli water falls. To reach Sproat Lake continue a short distance through a deciduous forest to another junction. The trail bears left to the beach and grassy area that are all that remain of the Ford homestead.

Fossli Provincial Park is located on the south side of Stirling Arm on Sproat Lake, 7 miles (12 km) west of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. Access is by boat from any launch point on Sproat Lake, or an approximately 30-minute walk from the private Stirling Arm Mainline. This is an active logging road and logging trucks have the right of way at all times. Drivers should use caution and yield to logging trucks.

Travel through Port Alberni on the way to Tofino and turn left on McCoy Lake Road (approx 6.5 km). Drive 3 km to Stirling Arm Road; turn left here and travel 0.9 km. At the Sterling Arm Mainline intersection turn right and travel 4 km to the second bridge. Just before the second bridge you’ll find a pullout where you can park. An old logging road from the parking lot leads to the trail that will take you to Sproat Lake.

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