Most people associate reptiles with tropical or subtropical areas, but several species are present in Pacific Rim. The most commonly seen reptile is the garter snake. This snake is widespread in North America and is the most cold tolerant. The garter snake feeds mainly on amphibians and earthworms, along with some intertidal and freshwater fishes, leeches and small birds. The Puget Sound red-sided garter snake, a subspecies of the common garter snake, is also known to reside in the park.

Another resident snake is the northwestern garter, a terrestrial snake that prefers open areas along estuaries and coastal beaches. It seldom enters the water and feeds mostly on slugs and earthworms. The western terrestrial garter snake is present in the park as well. Despite its name, it is an aquatic snake, having the most varied diet of slugs, small mammals, fish, leeches, earthworms and even other snakes.

Pacific leatherback turtles are a subspecies of the world’s largest living turtles. These giant marine turtles are considered an endangered species by many. Specimens and sightings of the Pacific leatherback have come from park waters and adjacent beaches.

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