Weymer Creek Provincial Park is located southeast of Tahsis, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Weymer Creek is one of several parks in northern Vancouver Island that protect undisturbed karst features not protected elsewhere in Canada. Some of the longest and deepest caves in Canada can be found in this park.

These caves provide critical habitat for bat species, including the red-listed Keens Long-eared Myotis. The caves in the park are also significant for their palaeontological values. Along with the significant cave and karst features, this park contains old-growth and second-growth forest.

Karst topography in the 307-hectare park is very sensitive and may be easily damaged. Although there may be potential for caving opportunities in the future, use of the park for caving is not permitted until a management plan is complete. Visitors to the recreation area are requested to practice “no trace” camping and day use of the area.

There are no designated campsites at this park, however random wilderness camping is allowed. There are no facilities in the undeveloped Weymer Creek Provincial Park.

Weymer Creek Provincial Park is located on the Gold River to Tahsis logging road, near Tahsis on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The park is accessible from Campbell River via the Gold River Highway 28.

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